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Many people enjoy the SocioSite because we share our knowledge.
Why not share your knowledge with the SocioSite.

The SocioSite is a guide for sociological online resources that support education and research. It was designed to get a quick access to information and resources which are relevant for social scientist, students and, indeed, anyone with a literate interest in human society. Many students and academics from all over the world have discovered that the SocioSite proves to be a highly effective way of finding sociological information on the internet.

SocioSite has been in the internet air since July 1996. It has been successful in several ways.

SocioSite is a special kind of e-place. It’s a place in cyberspace that is really about establishing a new culture within the academic community. A culture that is open and collaborative. Where we break down physical and local barriers and share our knowledge and information.

  • it has received high credits from all over the world.
  • it has become a very popular place to visit: more than 162 million hits since July 1996; and now almost 20.000 daily. See the hit statistics for details.
  • there are many organizations and people who have made links to the SocioSite. They come from the European countries, North and South America, Asia, and Australia. You can visit the reciprocal links page to see a list of these links.

It has been a hell of a job to make the SocioSite what it is today. And it will take many efforts to keep this site what it was meant to be: an accurate and comprehensive collection of resources in the social sciences. We expand this guide to include resources from all countries and from all fields of the social sciences.

Without the help of other people this will be impossible to realize. We invite you to contribute to this information system on a more or less regular basis. We want the SocioSite to include high quality resources and texts from all sociological fields, from all countries and in any language.

Do you want to know more about the activities which are expected from a correspondent / editor? Click on the guidelines for for more information.

If you would like to participate in the network of correspondents & editors for the SocioSite please contact the chief editor.